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Here's the scoop...

A Girl's Life

They're the most popular gals on weekday afternoon TV and now Juliette, Chrissie, Simone, and Casey from the groundbreaking show GIRL TV are bringing their pop sounds straight to your stereo, with their debut album 'A Girls Life'!

This CD/DVD set features brand new tracks inspired by the show, written by well-known producer/ songwriter Nick Howard and performed by the girls, while the DVD features some of the best moments from GIRL TV, as well as a stack of bonus behind the scenes footage.

Girl TV launched in 2003 and quickly became one of the country's favourite after school programmes for girls. The multi-talented Simone, Juliette, Casey & Chrissie delve into celebrity interviews, profile other gals doing empowering and cool things in the world, review the hottest new films, talk through issues facing teenage girls today, check out cool shops and hit the streets to hear what the ladies out there really have to say!

One especially for the girls, all about girls, by these hip ladies - sweet!