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Juliette Biography
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The formative years... 

Juliette is a 16 year old cool surfer chick who lives right on the beach. She speaks fluent French, has travelled extensively and says mangos are her favourite food. She loves hanging out with her friends at the beach and when she's not riding the waves Juliette likes to chill out by listening to music. She adores all types of music but is particularly interested in the "indie" music scene and enjoys seeing up and coming bands.

She has 4 pet cockatiels; Bastille, Cinnamon, Pepper and Ginger. They are all very tame and Juliette even raised one of the birds as a baby feeding it with a syringe. Her birds are part of the family and she is currently helping her brother build an aviary in the backyard so the birds can have a big new home.

And she wouldn't be a girl without loving clothes and fashion and she's admitted this is what she spends all of her pocket money on!

Juliette loves being a part of "Girl TV" and her favourite aspect of the show is interviewing celebrities. With her dry sense of humour and infectious laugh she puts guests at ease. "Girl TV" showcases her easy-going "beach girl" style and although she has a secret ambition of becoming a pro-surfer, she is more than happy to light up our tv screens for the moment.