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Simone Biography
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The formative years...  

Simone is 19 and has just deferred Uni for a year to concentrate on Girl TV. She lives with her parents and her pet rabbit Malibu and cocker spaniel Romeo.

Simone has travelled extensively and is obsessed with all things Italian after visiting the country twice. During her stay in Italy she tried all types of food but decided her favourite dish was gnocci boscaola which is a potato pasta with a creamy mushroom and bacon sauce. She orders this whenever it's on the menu as it reminds her of the country she fell in love with.

Simone is a very active girl. She is an amazing skier and has been going to the snow since she was two years old. She has also been singing and dancing for years and her favourite performer is Christina Aguelera because she?s so versatile. Simone agrees with Christina's message to other girls - to have a go and not to let other people try and change you.

Her best friend is her sister Jacki who is 14 months older than her. "We are incredibly close, I can tell Jacki anything and she understands - she also makes me laugh" says Simone.

Simone is a great believer in fate. "Things happen for a reason" she says. She loves hosting "Girl TV" and believes this is where she is meant to be. "There is so much variety - one minute you're recording a song, next you're doing a film clip then next you're interviewing someone famous - it's such a ride".