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Chrissie Biography

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The formative years...

Chrissie is 18 years old and her favourite colour is pink, her favourite food is schnitzel and she adores frangipanis. She has also just got her drivers licence!

Chrissie's gorgeous looks come from her Chinese father and Australian mother. Chrissie lives with her Mum, Dad, younger sister Joey and two dogs Mollie and Coco.

Not only has she has been blessed with an angelic voice but Chrissie can shake up the dance floor like no one else. Like most babes Chrissie loves hanging out with her friends, going to the beach and shopping. "Friends are there to have fun with and help you through the hard times" says Chrissie.

She is no stranger to our television screens as she has appeared in a variety of commercials over the past couple of years. Chrissie dreams of being a successful entertainer and her idol is Nicole Kidman because she is a wonderful actor, knows how to present herself and a great ambassador for Australia.

Chrissie is eight years older than her sister and her most memorable moment in life was being present at her sister Joey?s birth. "What an amazing moment" she says. Although there is a large age gap, she and her sister Joey are very close.

Chrissie reckons the best thing about being a girl is that you get to enjoy fashion and you can wear just about anything. She loves the outfits she gets to wear on "Girl TV" but she also loves meeting so many new people and finding out what they?re up to. That's what makes "Girl TV" so much fun!